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1989-91 MFA San Francisco Art Institute, (with Honors, David S. McMillan Memorial Prize,

Cadogon/Murphy Scholarship), San Francisco, CA

1980-85 BFA  University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah



2017 Artist in Residence, Dalsland Museum, Dalsland Sweden

2016 Marva and John Warnock Endowed Artist in Residence, University of Utah

2015 Bioremediation In Art, panel, Benicia Arts, Benicia, CA

2014 Creative Work Fund Grant, Haas Foundation, San Francisco

2013 The Artist in Public Life, symposium, San Francisco Art Institute

2012 National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) grant

2012  Environmental Studies and Sciences (AESS) Conference presenter

2011 Americans for the Arts Conference, Presenter. San Diego, CA

2010 Artist in Residence, Coyote Point Museum, San Mateo, CA.

2010 Public Art jury, City of San Jose.

2008 Public Art Jury, City of Oakland.

2002 Finalist, SECA award, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

2001 California Arts Council Fellowship Award.

2000 Member, San Francisco Art Commission Gallery Advisory Board.

2000 Creative Work Fund Grant Award, Haas Foundation.

2000 Artist in Residence, Headlands Center for the Arts.

2000 San Francisco Art Institute Artists Committee.

1993 California Artist in Residence, California Arts Council.



2017 San Jose Storm Water, Discovery Meadow, San Jose Art Commission, CA

2016 San Jose Waste Water, Don Edwards National Seashore, San Jose Art Commission, CA

2015 Benicia Waterfront Project, Haas Foundation, Benicia, CA

2014 Seeing Air, Coyote Point Museum

2014-16  Sunol Watershed Center, SF Art Commission

2013 Art Onsite, Tribute Trail, National Endowment for the Arts, Nevada City, CA

2012 German Reunification Monument, (finalist) Leipzig, Germany

2012 AC Transit Hydrogen Fuel Plant, Emeryville, CA

2011 San Jose Water Treatment Plant, San Jose, CA

2011 Bay Area Discovery Museum, Sausalito, CA

2009 Temescal Greenbelt Project, Oakland Art Commission, Oakland

2007 Ravenna Creek Project, Seattle Art Commission, WA

2007 Market Street Art in Transit Project, San Francisco Art Commission

2006 Sculpture Commission, Sonoma County Museum, Santa Rosa, CA

2004 Living Filter, One Colorado, Pasadena, CA

2002 Xerces Blue, Golden Gate Park Pavilion, San Francisco, Art Commission



2017 Libri d’Artista, K Spaces, Turin, Italy

2017 Swedish Proverbs, Dalsland Museum, Dalsland Sweden

2016 Futurum, with Amy Balkin, Ursula Biemann og Paulo Tavares, Geir Tore Holm, Futurefarmers

Skien, Norway

2016 Mark Brest van Kempen, Artist in Residence, Benicia, CA

2014 Art of a Community, Benicia Arts, Benicia, CA

2012 Works on Water, Marin Community Foundation, Marin, CA

2012 Land Art Generator, Soho Gallery for Digital Art, New York, NY

2012 German Reunification Monument exhibit, Liepzig, Germany

2012 Beyond Landscape, Marin Community Foundation, Marin, CA

2011 Turtle Bay Museum, Redding, CA

2010 What Matters Most, Exit Art, NYC, New York

2010 Johansson Projects Gallery, Oakland, CA

2009 Mina Dresden Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2009 Terroir, Art at the Cheese Factory, Sonoma, CA

2009 Art on Market Street, Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA

2008 EPA Environmental Performance Actions. Exit Art, New York

2005 Eco, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA

2005 reGenerations, Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena, CA

2005 Monument Recall, The Art Gym, Portland, OR



2018 San Francisco Art Insitute, Adjunct Professor, Sculpture, New Genres, SF, CA

2014-present California College of Art, Senior lecturer, Interaction Design, entering graduates, SF, CA

2016 Warnock Endowed Visiting Professor, Warnock Master Class, University of Utah, SLC, Utah

2014-16 Stanford University, lecturer, (Sculpture) Palo Alto, CA

2013 San Francisco Art Institute, Public Practices Workshop, SF, CA

2012- 2016 San Francisco Art Institute, Visiting Faculty, (TransNature, Graduate Tutorial) . SF. CA

2006 California State University Fresno, Visiting Artist

2000-03 Stanford University, Continuing Studies (with Elizabeth Miller PhD, Jim Mason PhD)

                   Palo Alto, CA

1999 San Francisco Art Institute, Visiting Faculty, (Graduate Tutorial) Department of New Genres,

1999 University of Washington, Visiting Artist, Seattle, WA

1996-2006 Palo Alto Cultural Center, Drawing and sculpture instructor, Palo Alto, CA



2017 Wiesenfeld Visiting Artist Lecture, UC Berkeley, CA

2016 Warnock Endowed Visiting Professor Lecture, University of Utah.

2015 Bioremediation In Art, panel, Benicia Arts, Benicia, CA

2013 Public Practices Symposium (with Nicholas Baum, Amy Balkin) San Francisco Art Institute

2012 Environmental Studies and Sciences (AESS) Conference, Santa Clara, CA

2012 California College of the Arts, San Francisco, CA

2012 San Francisco Art Institute, SF, CA

2011 Americans for the Arts Conference Presenter, San Diego, CA

2011 Americans for the Arts Public Art Network, Webinar.

2011 San Francisco Art Institute, SF, CA

2011 California College of the Arts, San Francisco, CA

2010 Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA

2009 California College of Arts, San Francisco, CA

2010 Coyote Point Museum, San Mateo, CA

2009 San Francisco Art Institute, SF, CA

2009 California College of Arts, San Francisco, CA

2008 California College of Arts, San Francisco, CA

2006 CAL State Fresno, Fresno, CA

2005 California College of Arts, San Francisco, CA

2005 Mills College, Oakland, CA

2005 UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

2005 San Francisco State University (Panel) San Francisco, CA

2002 Desert Practices: Land Art, Stanford University.

2000 Art in the Age of Biotechnological Reproduction (Panel). The Lab, San Francisco,




2016 The Facilitation of Civic Engagement Through Community Art. Leigh Nanney Hersey, Bryna ‎Bobick, IGI Global pub.

2012 The New Earthwork, Art, Action, Agency. Twylene Moyer and Glenn Harper ed, International Sculpture Center Press pub

2011 West of Center: Art and the Counterculture Experiment in America, Adam Lerner, Elissa Auther, University of Minnesota Press

2011 Vanished Waters, Chris Carlsson. Mission Creek Conservancy pub.

2006 Art of Engagement, Peter Selz, UC Press, pub.

2006 Designing greenways: sustainable landscapes for nature and people, Paul Cawood Hellmund, Island Press

2005 Site Matters, Carol Burns, Andrea Kahn ed. Routledge, NY, pub

2005 Freedom of Speech, Eric Barendt, (cover) Oxford Press, pub.

2003 The Primal Feast, Susan Allport, Harmony books, NY, pub.

2002 University of California Berkeley, Harvey Helfand, UC Press, pub

1997 The Lure of the Local, Lucy Lippard, The New Press, NY, pub.

1990 Landscape Architecture, ASLA, pub




2017 “Beneath Pavement: A forgotten Wetland Resurfaces in New Art Installation” Nikki Inglis

2017 The Daily Californian  “Pole appears and disappears on Free Speech Monument” Harini Shyamsundar

2016 Daily Utah Chronicle “Mark Brest van Kempen: Combines Art and Environment” Dona Ibrahim

2015 Benicia Magazine “Art and Sustainability Meet in Biolabyrinth Sculpture” Jeane Steinman

2014 Fairfield Daily Republic  “Artist to Meld Art, Environment at Benicia Waterfront” Amy Maginnis-Honey

2013 Contra Costa Times “Oakland-based artist preps for Benicia public art project” Tony Burchyns

2013 The Union (Nevada City) “Nature as Muse: A look at an Art OnSite Installation” Jesse Locks

2013 Jason Rulnick Inc “Sol Lewitt in error” Susan Boswell

2012 Rutgers University Blog “Art and Science Collaboration at the Association of Environmental Science” Elizabeth Demaray

2012 WEAD Magazine, Performative Public Art Ecology, Tricia Watts

2011 The Daily Clog “The invisible Column” Christina Kowalski

2011 PRI (Public Radio International) 99% Invisible, Roman Mars

2010 Fresh Kills Park Blog “Mark Brest van Kempen” Tricia Watts

2009 LA Times “Artist plants new ideas about Nature at Pasadena Site”  Hugh Hart

2004 Leonardo Magazine, Phillip Ross, vol 37, no 3

2003 Seattle Sun, James Bush, vol. 7, issue 11

2002 Bay Nature Magazine “Undercover San Francisco”

2001 Artweek Magazine, April, Alicia Miller “The Growing Impact of Environmental Art”

2000 San Francisco Chronicle, Kenneth Baker, “Mark Brest van Kempen at City Site”

Fairfield Daily Republic, May 1, 2000, Mark Simborg “Exhibit Highlights Encroachment”

1999 Los Angeles Times, September 3, Leah Ollman “Nature isn’t Simple”

LA Weekly, September 3, Peter Frank, “Spaces of Nature: Pick of the Week”

1998 New York Times Magazine, June 28, Shoshana Berger, ”Snake: Its What’s for Dinner”

1996 Oakland Tribune, April 2, Dave Becker, “Symphony in Sea”

1994 Artweek, Nov17, Merideth Troemble, “Group Six goes to China”

San Francisco Examiner, Susan Kichinus, “Site Generated Exhibit”

1993 Oakland Tribune, October 1, William Brand, “Free Speech Design Reborn”

San Francisco Chronicle, August 22, Kenneth Baker, “In the Galleries: Sketch Artists Raves”

Spy Magazine, April, Daniel Radosh and Timothy Long, “U.S.A. Tomorrow”

1992 Newsweek, December 28, George Will, “1992: Came the Revolution”

LA Times, July 14, Jennifer Packer, “Unsolicited Expressions”

San Francisco Chronicle, July 7, April Lynch “Free Speech Monument Covered With Graffiti”

1991 Artweek, July 4, Mark Van Proyen, “Consistency Reigns in the Bay Area”

1990 Time Magazine, April 30, (American Notes).“A Tower of Hot Air,”

New York Times, Feb. 9, (National).“Art Contest Resurrects Memories of 1964”





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